Here are 10 reasons why your clients will appreciate your recommendation for the Renaissance Wind Creek Curaçao Resort:

1. Infinity Beach Experience
Discover our private, elevated saltwater beach just steps from historic Rif Fort. Settle into a waterfront cabana for a massage, grab a refreshing drink from the Infinity Beach Bar, or simply relax on powder-soft sand while taking in sweeping Caribbean Sea views. And the adjacent infinity pool is perfect for leisurely swims. As evening approaches, take your trip to the next level with a fine dining experience unlike any other. Savor chef-prepared delights at an intimate table for two on the beach under a star-filled sky
2. Newly Renovated rooms & suites
Step inside and discover the new look of our 237 guest rooms and suites. We’ve infused locally inspired design elements, a sophisticated palette with subtle pops of color, and hidden surprises around every corner. The new dynamic look of our accommodations creates a welcoming retreat to return to time and again. Creative lighting, designated work zones, and whirlpool baths (in select rooms) elevate the experience. Peer out at endless Caribbean Sea views from rooms with spacious balconies for a taste of the adventures to come.
3. UNESCO heritage site
The Renaissance Curaçao is home to the Rif Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The fort, with 1.5 meter-thick walls, once held 56 cannons in the 27 arches. It was originally constructed in the 19th century to protect the island from invasion by both pirates and other enemies. Later, the purpose of the fort changed as it became home to a radiotelegraphy unit during World War II. Today, the fort has taken on new life with the arrival of The Renaissance Curaçao. Now, in contrast with its military past, the fort offers a warm welcome to visitors. Where cannon fire was once heard, music now plays. Where soldiers once slept, groups of tourists dine and are entertained.
4. Downtown Location
In the heart of Curaçao’s historic capital, there’s a whole world to uncover. A walking tour of Willemstad will reveal its hidden gems. Willemstad’s vibrant street art and life-size murals let you experience Curacao in a whole new way. Take a guided walking tour to discover the work of some of the island’s most popular local artists. When exploring the downtown area, stop for lunch at one of the food markets as it doesn’t get more authentic than that. Or try one of the excellent fish restaurants in the Koredor area where delicious fish is served fresh from the ocean for the local clientele.
5. Shopping at the Renaissance Mall
We welcome guests to explore the open-air Renaissance Mall and Rif Fort shopping boulevard. Indulge in an array of shopping and entertainment choices within a world-class setting—it’s the perfect place to satisfy shoppers of all kinds. Casual browsers and those on a spree will find fashions, accessories, fragrances, jewelry, and unique souvenirs while enjoying tropical island weather.
6. Newly renovated Casino
The newly redesigned Wind Creek Carnival Casino Curaçao, the most visited casino on the island, boasts 250+ gaming machines and 12 challenging tables set within the vibrant ambiance of Carnival. And to make things even more fun in our 15,000-square-foot adult playground, guests can now take advantage of the renewed rewards program or play online at
7. Destination Weddings
Journey to a vibrant destination unlike any other in the Caribbean where historic landmark meets newly reimagined modern retreat and where the Renaissance Wind Creek Curaçao Resort serves as the backdrop for your destination wedding. Whether you walk down the aisle on our beach elevated above the ocean, or in our unique and historical Rif Fort. With any location you choose here at the Renaissance, your special day will be a memorable one.

10 reasons why Curaçao is your destination

1. Top location

The largest of the ABC islands in the Dutch Caribbean, Curaçao is located on the outer fringes of the hurricane belt. With average temperatures between 25–28 degrees year-round it is always summer

2. Diving and Adventure

A top diving destination with over 70 designated dive sites and worldclass snorkeling. The island’s unique rugged terrain is also ideal for adventure activities, including hiking, mountain biking, and ATV rides.

3. Beaches

Featuring more than 35 beautiful beaches, it’s easy to find your ideal beach here. With secluded and picturesque cove-like inlets and calm, crystal blue waters, many consider Curaçao’s beaches to be the island’s best-kept secret.

4. History

The Historic Area of Willemstad Inner City and Harbor (with over 750 sites and monuments) was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997.

5. Heritage and Culture

Home to 55 diverse cultures, Dutch, English, Spanish, and Papiamentu are widely spoken on island. Rich heritage and culture is still visible today, seen in the colonial buildings, plantation homes, forts, renowned museums and the MikvéIsrael Emanuel Synagogue, the Western Hemisphere’s oldest synagogue in continuous use.

6. Cuisine

A culinary heaven with a wide variety of sidewalk cafés, gourmet restaurants, international dishes and local eateries influenced by a melting pot of more than 55 different nationalities.

7. A “live and let live” attitude

Curaçao welcomes visitors of all races, orientations, and religions with a “live and let live” philosophy. The island has several hotels and attractions with IGLTA memberships and hosts a variety of Pride events, nightlife specials, and festivals

8. Our diversity

Ideal for family vacations, solo travel, romantic getaways, adventure travel, dive trips, weddings or for relaxation, Curaçao offers something for everyone